Gaurav Singh

Founder, JPIN

Gaurav Singh is the Founder of JPIN, which is building the world’s most trusted venture capital and growth platform.

Based in UK, Gaurav is a versatile leader and a passionate start-up mentor with over a decade’s experience in scaling companies across a wide array of sectors. His vision is to enable entrepreneurs become global giants on the fundamentals of Spiritual Economics.

As a seasoned angel investor backed by a history of building a diverse and robust global investment portfolio, Gaurav has a penchant for impact drive investments, supporting sustainable startups that are shaping the future

He is an adept business strategist and prior to founding JPIN, has a rich experience serving global businesses from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies such as Thomson Reuters and Refinitv, where he managed a US $ 1 Bn financial intelligence ecosystem.

Gaurav has received various awards, the most recent ones being the ESG Impact Award 2022 for Empowerment of Rural Communities and the Global Visionary Iconic Award 2022 for his contribution to the startup ecosystem and the business world.

02:45 PM

Future IT Summit 2023

Plugging the Talent Gap in a Digital MENA

Gaurav Singh, Founder, JPIN